Cleaning of the gravel bed

Cleaning the ballast and removal of excavated material to a predetermined landfill within reach of the railway infrastructure is carried out by two-way ballast cleaners from the Austrian manufacturer Plasser & Theurer. The total-profile two-way purifier ZRM 79, is intended for cleaning the ballast bed across its cross-section. The machine works by moving on the track, or  tracks. It features a traction and buffer device, with hydrostatic power transmission, and the main frame is mounted on a two-axle bogie with axles of two separate floating bearings. Energy for travel and other work units is provided by diesel-hydraulic drive. The main work equipment is a mining chain conveyer belt system and network classifier. Real cleaning performance is 80-130 m / hr., or full lifting of 50-70 m / hr. The depth of engagement under a flat bed sleeper is 30-40 cm. Part of the machines are also a two car tackle.

To transport the extracted material  conveyor cars are available like MFS 40, for the transportation and import of bulk material in five wagons, with one safety car. The manufacturer is once again the company Plasser & Theurer. Each car is equipped with a separate internal combustion engine and hydraulic unit. Transportation  of the entire machine line is possible by diesel locomotive.

Technical parameters of machine lines

ZRM 79

Year of manufacture / serial number 1981/192
Producer Plasser & Theurer manufacturer
Weight 102,570 t
Purifier length over buffers 28,120 m
Height 4,100 m
Width 3,150 m
Axles 6
Max. speed of the train 90 km / h


Two-axle vehicles tackle

Weight / total weight of 11.68 + 8.74 / 20.42 t
Length / total length over buffers 10.60 + 11.00 / 21.60 m


Cars MFS 40

Year of production 1989 - 1991
Producer Plasser & Theurer manufacturer
Weight per car - empty 39.00 tons
The weight of a vehicle - loaded 93.00 tons
The volume of material per truck 40.00 m3 (simp. weight of 1.35 t / m3)
One length over buffers 18.30 m
Height 4.00 m
Number of axles per vehicle 6
Max. speed of trains 100 km / h

The total length machine lines - including locomotives 175.00 m
The total length machine lines - without locomotives 154.72 m
The total length of the MFS 40 cars - including shielded. Vehicle 105.30