Grinder of rails

Grinding rails belongs to a special category of works, which is implemented in cooperation with another subsidiary of the company Chládek a Tintěra Pardubice a.s. – The Welding division. Another important partner is the company Schweerbau GmbH & Co. KG. For the needs of the Czech market, the company's Hrochostroj a.s., has allocated the grinder type SPML 16- 2 This grinder is designed for modification or renewal of the cross section (as required to improve contact between wheel and rail)and, furthermore, for the removal, or reduction, of the longitudinal corrugation, corrosion,  caused by improper contacts of rails and the elimination of other defects in railhead railroad tracks. The real work performance of preventive grinding, depending on local conditions, can be up to to 4000 meters per 8-hour shift. Transportation is ensured by its own power or it can be hauled by trains.

Technical parameters Sanders

Rail Grinder SPML 16-2

This grinder is designed as a rod attached indivisible set of two cars. The polishing car itself contains 16 independently powered motors for grinding rails, including hydraulic pressure and position control. In this car is the first part of the vehicle driver, the hydrostatic drive unit, including the tank with hydraulic fluid and the extinguishing unit. In the auxiliary vehicle the second driver of the vehicle is located, a diesel generator unit, compressor, dust extraction and filtration of air tanks for diesel and water.

Year of manufacture 1994
Producer Lora U.S.A.
The total number of grinding wheels 16 (8 left /8 right )
W / tool-making workshop wagon / included 123.00 / 13.50 / 136.50 tons
Total length over buffers / tool car / included  34.00 / 14.27 / 48.27 m
Height 4.00 m
Width  3.00 m
The volume of the water tank (cooling when grinding)  11.30 m3
Total number of axles 8
Max. speed under its own power / hauled by train 90/90 km / h